Aline Chaprazian
Boston, MA

Bio: Hello! My name is Aline Chaprazian I’m a 20 something little lady from good ol' Boston. Inspired by my mother’s closet I took a great liking to fashion from a very young age. After years of wearing a uniform in elementary and middle school, I decided to go to a public high school to be able to wear regular clothing. Fashion became an incredible way for me to experiment with my look and evolve my style. I loved playing around with my clothes, jewelry, makeup, and above all my shoes. Clothing has been another way for me to show my style. And what I love about fashion most is how it changes and how each individual person's style grows every year. That's one of the reason's why I started my blog. I'm so fascinated with vintage and modern style. The changes between them are incredible. I enjoy many other things besides fashion, such as writing journalistic-ally and creatively; I’m a music enthusiast, and a photographer. I’m currently in college majoring in English Communications and minoring in Management. This blog is a way for me to express my feelings towards fashion and beauty and establish my taste in clothing and beauty. I also love when people write comments and I want it to be a community to be able to share opinions about clothing and beauty. I welcome any and all opinions! I enjoy writing about things I like: from clothing stores, consignment shops, online stores, and beauty products. This is a blog for me to show my personal style and other nifty things through my eyes.

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